Holly Willoughby’s nights in are secret to happy marriage

ICONINSIDER — Holly Willoughby’s date nights at home have kept her marriage strong.
The 36-year-old television presenter – who has been happily married to husband and TV producer Daniel Baldwin since 2007 – believes nights in with her beau are the secret to a happy marriage.
Speaking on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ on Tuesday (16.05.17), which she co-hosts alongside Phillip Schofield, the blonde beauty admitted the trend came about when they found it difficult to go out because of their children – Harry, eight, Belle, six, and Chester, two – and their careers.
Holly explained: “Instead of going out on a date night we just do it at home so when everybody’s in bed and we’ll lay the table properly and sit down together and even if we just had a glass of wine together but we’d make sure we had that space, even if it was just in our own house. And we didn’t always necessarily always want to go out.”
And when it was suggested that one of the other keys to a happy marriage was not going to sleep on an argument, Holly partly disagreed, revealing she sometimes needed that “space” to clear her head.
She said: “I just need to calm down a bit and just have that bit of space and then I wake up in the morning and sometimes things don’t seem as bad, sometimes you just rationalise things better in your own head, sometimes you’re not as emotional and as likely to snipe and shout. I can see pros in both.”
Meanwhile, Holly has previously gushed about Dan, who she first met on the set of children’s game show ­’Ministry Of Mayhem’ in 2004.
She said: “We’re very honest with each other, we listen to each other. I love him and he loves me … He makes me laugh more than anyone. I’m always very proud of him. I know whenever anyone meets him they are pretty much always going to like him more than they like me.
“My friends are like, ‘Hi Holly, where’s Dan?’ That always happens.I love him and he loves me. We respect each other and we probably drive each other round the twist. But we give each other space for that as well.”
And Holly once admitted she “couldn’t cope” with playing the dating game nowadays.
She explained: “It’s sad that it’s all based on looks, because that doesn’t last long. I couldn’t cope. I actually feel sorry for people dating now. Their level of contentment is much lower. Being content is really lovely but it seems nowadays people don’t want to commit to anybody.”

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