Harry Styles’s tough competition for Dunkirk role

ICONINSIDER — Harry Styles competed against several big name movie and TV actors to land a role in ‘Dunkirk’.
The 23-year-old singer makes his debut Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama and has revealed when he went to audition for the part of Alex he recognised so many famous faces from the big and small screen, which made the whole experience even more “intense”.
During an appearance on the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show on Friday morning (12.05.17), Chris Evans asked Harry: “So … the director didn’t put you are the front of the queue, apparently he auditioned hundreds of people for the part.”
To which Harry replied: “No. There was a lot of people. When I walked into the room everyone auditioning I had seen on movies and in TV. It was good, it was fun. It was really intense … I just did a tape and a week of auditions.”
The ‘Sign of the Times’ hitmaker says acting is something that he has wanted always to dip into as he acted when he was younger.
When his band One Direction announced their extended hiatus in March 2015, the pop heartthrob felt it was the perfect time to finally give it ago.
He said: “I acted when I was younger a bit, I don’t know if that even counts really. I’ve always been interested in it, I love movies. I am a massive fan of all of it. Then when I was not in the band for a bit I felt like I had time to explore it in a way that I’d wanna do it.”
Despite making his mark in the acting world, it was recently reported Harry won’t be appearing on the big screen again any time soon as he’s “adamant” that music is where his passion lies.
A source said: “Harry has opted to pursue his music career ahead of movies. He’s found himself a very wanted man, besieged by leading man role offers worth serious bucks, but he’s adamant music is his first love. Harry is setting down a marked to the world as a credible solo star with live shows and hard promo on the road.”
Harry released his self-title debut solo LP on Friday (12.05.17).

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