Harry Styles says music is his ‘therapy’

ICONINSIDER — Harry Styles thinks it’s “easier saying something to an instrument than it is to a person”.
The 23-year-old singer has admitted his self-titled solo album was a form of “therapy” for him, as he felt able to express some of his most personal feelings on the record.
Harry explained: “It’s so much easier saying something to an instrument than it is to a person.
“I really didn’t want to be editing lyrics and pulling stuff out. I kind of decided early on, that every time I said to myself, ‘Can I say this?’ I wanted to say yes.'”
Harry’s personal life has been the source of much intrigue over the years.
But the British star – who has previously dated the likes of Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner – said he doesn’t feel as though he needs to justify himself to anybody.
He told USA Today newspaper: “I’ve never really felt like I’ve had to explain my personal life. And I love that with writing, you get to wrap it up with a song.
“I understand that people will dissect stuff like that, which is amazing, that people care enough about you to try and figure out what it means.”
Harry’s single ‘Sweet Creature’ relates to a specific person in his life – but the dark-haired hunk has refused to identify the individual in question.
He said: “The fun thing is, you can write a love song that’s not always in the traditional sense – it doesn’t always have to be romantic or even about a person at all, if you don’t want.”
Meanwhile, Harry previously said the single could have a number of different meanings.
The singer explained: “‘Sweet Creature’ is definitely about one person, but I think it’s important to remember that there’s many different types of things that could be about.”

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