Harry Styles: I won’t judge my career by numbers

ICONINSIDER — Harry Styles doesn’t want to judge his solo career by numbers.
The 23-year-old singer made his name in the chart-topping band One Direction, but now that he’s a solo artist, Harry has admitted to redefining his own idea of success.
He shared: “I subconsciously measured myself by numbers for a few years. I feel it’s a good opportunity to have a fresh start from that.
“It feels a bit different. I’m trying to enjoy the moment and not be pressured too much.”
Harry released his self-titled solo album last week and he suggested that regardless of whether it transpires to be a commercial hit, he will always be “proud” of the record.
The dark-haired hunk told The Sun newspaper: “I’m really proud of it. I’m really happy with it. And I love ­listening to it.”
Harry also revealed that one of his biggest inspirations is fellow Brit Adele, describing the London-born star as “amazing”.
The ‘Sign of the Times’ hitmaker said: “She’s just one of those people who leads – she’s her own thing and a different level of artist.
“She sets the best example by doing stuff how she wants to do it. I’ve never really asked her: ‘What should I do with this or what should I do with that?’
“But I feel that just watching someone do it their way is really inspiring. I mean, she’s amazing.”
Meanwhile, Harry also reiterated his view that Zayn Malik made the correct decision to walk away from One Direction in March 2015.
However, he admitted it was a “shame” that Zayn has since spoken negatively about his time in the band.
Harry said: “It’s a shame he felt that way. But I’d never wanna force anyone to do ­anything they didn’t want to do. Life’s too short.”

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