Emmerdale’s Danny Miller hints Robron will be OK

ICONINSIDER — Danny Miller’s ‘Emmerdale’ character Aaron Dingle reacts in a “mature” way after finding out his on-screen husband Robert Sugden cheated on him while he was in prison.
The couple’s up and down relationship has become one of the ITV soap’s most popular storylines, with fans dubbing the pair ‘Robron’, and it will face a new bump in the road when Rob, played by Ryan Hawley, admits he slept with his ex Rebecca White (Emily Head) and got her pregnant.
But viewers expecting Aaron to lose his temper will be in for a surprise, according Danny.
Speaking to RadioTimes.com, 26-year-old Danny said: “We know Aaron is hot-headed and acts quickly and thinks later but in a way he’s expecting this. You can tell when there’s something up with your partner by how distanced they are and as Robert says he has something to tell him by that time Aaron knows what’s coming. He works himself up and the typical thing would be to punch Robert or hurt himself but it’s actually a very different outcome. It’s a mature reaction. Not that I think he could justify what Robert’s done but it might not be what the audience is expecting.”
Despite admitting he has cheated actor Ryan believes his character Robert will be able to make amends and the two will be able to rekindle their romance.
Ryan, 31, said: “What he did came at a point where he was at rock bottom.
“He thought him and Aaron were over and that bitterness and the fact he’s an unhinged character took over. He didn’t have a burning desire for Rebecca and regrets what he did.
“There’s nothing he can do now other than try and rescue the relationship. I think you’ll see another side of Robert’s personality as he wants to prevent Aaron from getting hurt.”

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