Eleanor Tomlinson teases Poldark will have ‘great storylines’

ICONINSIDER — Eleanor Tomlinson has teased the new series of ‘Poldark’ has “great storylines”.
The 24-year-old actress portrays servant Demelza Poldark in the popular BBC One programme, alongside Aidan Turner, who plays Captain Ross Poldark, and the star has revealed the third season will have “lots of twists and turns” after she was left “in a bit of a pickle” and fell pregnant in the second season.
The flame-haired beauty said: “In series two we left Ross and Demelza in a bit of a pickle with Elizabeth being pregnant – potentially with Ross’ baby.
“So there’s lots of twists and turns in this series.
“But there’s some great storylines coming for Ross and Demelza.”
Eleanor and her on-screen partner endured a turbulent relationship in the previous series after being told Ross cheated on her with his previous lover Elizabeth Chenoweth (played by Heida Reed), and could be expecting his child, however Eleanor decided to give the dark-haired hunk a second chance and they rekindled their romance.
Aidan previously let slip a follow-up was in the works in 2016, although, at the time, the second installment had yet been aired.
Speaking previously, the 33-year-old actor said: “We start shooting the 3rd series I believe in September.
“Oh no!
“I’m going to be in trouble! It’s possible we’re not doing that.”
‘Poldark’s is set to return to TV screens in June this year.
Meanwhile, Trainline have teamed up with British star Eleanor Tomlinson for its Lintenair campaign, which is an anagram of Europe’s leading independent train ticket retailer and train travel app, to help champion mobile tickets and the Trainline app.
And the London-born star is honoured to have partnered with the company because she “loves” travelling on the train, and is often jetting off across the country when shooting for the drama production.
She said: “I genuinely do love train travel and travel by train a huge amount both professionally and personally be it to Cornwall for Poldark filming or to Yorkshire to see my family. I loved working with Trainline on the Lintenair campaign – it was a fun way to talk about a form of travel that we probably all take slightly for granted.”
To find out more about the campaign at www.lintenair.com.

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