Debbie Harry reveals the ‘lesson’ she learned from David Bowie

ICONINSIDER — Debbie Harry believes David Bowie had “an otherworldly overview”.
The 71-year-old singer-songwriter thinks Bowie’s final album, ‘Blackstar’ – which was released two days before he died from liver cancer in January 2016 – served as a fitting flourish from the music icon.
She explained: “I think Bowie had more of an otherworldly overview. The way he ended his life with such a creative effort (the ‘Blackstar’ album) was so spectacular.
“I think we all should do something like that. It was a real lesson.”
But despite her self-acknowledged envy of Bowie’s creativity, Debbie revealed that her band Blondie are currently in a good place.
She told The Sun newspaper: “We’ve managed to figure out a way. We’ve got a good business behind us and once that pressure is off, we have the support we need.
“Early on, we were flung out into this crazy mixed-up world but nowadays it’s very sophisticated.
“These days, if a microphone is unplugged it’s a major mishap. Years ago, if you walked out and anything was working, it was a miracle. If the lights were on, it was like, ‘yay, hallelujah!’.”
However, life hasn’t always been so smooth for the American rock group, who were founded by Debbie and guitarist Chris Stein in 1974.
The iconic singer recalled: “We saw some grizzly things.”
More specifically, Debbie remembered watching a “lighting guy had a flash blow up in his face … right before we went on and in front of the audience”.
Chris recalled the same incident, saying: “His eyebrows were burned off – that was a hard act to follow.”
Meanwhile, Chris has suggested that Donald Trump’s time as the US President could lead to a rise in rebelliousness.
He explained: “Maybe what’s happened now is good for kick-starting stuff. I’m looking forward to the re-emergence of the hippy ethic, everybody protesting all the time.”

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