Debbie Harry: I’ve had several stalkers

ICONINSIDER — Debbie Harry has had “several” stalkers.
The Blondie singer has revealed that two of her ex-boyfriends have continued to pursue her after their relationship ended, while she has also attracted unwelcome attention from obsessive fans, whose behaviour she considered to be harassment.
Asked the closest she’s ever come to having a stalker, Debbie shared: “Oh, I’ve had several. I’ve had a couple of ex-boyfriends who didn’t understand the ‘ex’, and that was problematic.
“On the fan level, I’ve never had anything really seriously bad. But there was one guy who wrote to me endlessly – I had shopping bags full of letters from him. And the handwriting was very tiny and cramped and I couldn’t even read them.
“So I handed them over to a detective and the guy was contacted. It turned out he was this tragic guy who had gone off his meds and nobody was paying any attention to him, so he wrote to me.”
But Debbie said she’s always been a “fighter” and her attitude has helped her to overcome various obstacles in her life.
Asked to recall a time she’s been overcome by fear, the 71-year-old star told Vice: “I find that hard to answer because I guess I really am a survivor, you know? I would get terribly, terribly afraid and then try to figure out a way to just, you know, get through.
“But I think some of the times on planes where we’ve hit rough air have been terrifying, because you have absolutely no control.”
Debbie also admitted to being a highly emotional person, who is known to cry at the “stupidest, sappiest things”.
She said: “I just watched that ‘Manchester By the Sea’ movie. Did I cry? I was sitting there on the plane with my eyes streaming – they kept checking up on me. And then I had to go through customs afterwards.”

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