Cheryl stood by Nicola Roberts during stalker trauma

ICONINSIDER — Cheryl has stood by her friend Nicola Roberts after her ex was given a lifetime restraining order.
Nicola, 31, was dating the former solider Carl Davies for five years from 2012, who bombarded her with threatening messages over and was arrested earlier this year.
However, luckily, Cheryl has been offering her support to her Girls Aloud bandmate.
A source told Closer magazine: “Nicola’s extremely shaken, she’s jumpy and on edge which is understandable given what she’s been through. Kimberley Walsh and Cheryl have been her rocks and she’s spent a lot of time at their homes in the past few months.
“She even joked she could stay at Cheryl’s and be baby Bear’s full time nanny. Cheryl suggested medication to help calm her nerves and ease her anxiety – which she swore by following her divorce from Ashley Cole.”
During his harassment of the singer, Davies threatened to “stab and burn” Nicola and he had admitted one count of stalking and another count of persistent use of public communication network to cause annoyance or inconvenience.
In a victim statement, Nicole wrote: “The messages he sent reminded me of all the terrible things that happened when we were together.
“It was only really last year when he started threatening my friend that I realised things couldn’t go on and I reported it to the police. I feel safe in my own home knowing he can’t get to me. I am worried for when Carl gets out and when he access again to a mobile phone.”
Davies was handed a 15-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and was also given a life-time restraining order not to contact the singer and has been ordered to stay at least 250 metres away from the singer or her family.

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