Brie Bella had C-section after 22 hour labour

ICONINSIDER — Brie Bella had to undergo a caesarean section after a 22 hour labour when she gave birth last week.
The 33-year-old former professional wrestler welcomed her daughter Birdie – whom she shares with her husband Bryan Danielson – earlier this month, and had to undergo the surgical procedure after it became apparent her abdominal muscles were “too tight” to give birth naturally.
Her twin sister and fellow wrestler Nikki said: “She tried to go natural, and it was like eight or 10 hours into it had to get an epidural and then in the end had to get a C-section. Her abs were too tight! Go figure. Leave it to the WWE Superstar, abs too tight!”
Despite the difficult birth, the ‘Total Divas’ star is now “feeling good”, and is now resting up, according to Nikki.
She added to E! News: “She’s feeling good. She’s healing and she’s feeling great every day. I mean, it’s definitely a struggle for women in the beginning, and it should be. I saw what they put their bodies through, and oh my gosh! I give all the moms in the world so much credit. That is not easy, labor. I think it takes minimum a week to heal from that.”
Meanwhile, Nikki – who is engaged to John Cena – recently said watching her sister give birth has put her off having children of her own.
She said: “Being with Brie in labour for 22 hours, I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine not doing this, I think I’m okay.’ I saw a lot, and I can’t unsee that.”
However, Nikki has fallen in love with her baby niece, who she says is “100 percent” like Brie’s husband, Daniel Bryan.
She added: “She is doing so good, she’s honestly the strongest person I know, and Birdie is just so cute. She’s like her daddy. She is like 100 percent her dad, which is so cute.”

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