Brian May feels Freddie Mercury’s presence when working on new music

ICONINSIDER — Brian May feels Freddie Mercury’s presence when he’s working on new music.
The Queen star tragically lost his bandmate and good friend in November 1991 and even now when he works on new songs with bandmate Roger Taylor, he can “feel him in the room”.
Brian said: “His creativity would have carried on. He was unstoppable and very lateral-thinking. Always coming up with things that were surprising.
“Often Roger and I, if we’re creating something for Queen, both of us have said that we feel like he’s in the room and you know what he’d say. You can tell if he would have been scornful or enthusiastic – although of course the whole thing about Freddie was that he wasn’t expected.”
And the Queen guitarist doesn’t think Freddie would have used social media if he was still alive today because he was such a private person.
He added: “I don’t think he’d have the patience for social media, because I hardly do and he was much more impatient than me. I don’t think he would be tweeting, he would probably be still writing his little memos on pieces of paper.
“He was becoming more and more reclusive towards the end of his life. That was partly because he was becoming more and more visible, but partly not wanting his illness to be public. But he was very private anyway and I think that would have continued.”
And Brian, 69, admits the group used to fall out over their music because they all had hit songs and had four “different visions”.
He told The Sunday Times magazine: “We overreacted with each other at times. We all left the band at some point. The studio’s a hard place for a band anyway, but in our case all four of us as writers had had worldwide hits – and I think that’s unique, I don’t think there’s another band in history where that’s true.
“You have four writers trying to create the next statement of what we are, so what could that statement be except a fight between the different visions? The lifestyle we led magnified that conflict.”

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