Amy Schumer thanks parents for helping her stay confident

ICONINSIDER — Amy Schumer credits her parents for helping her stay confident.
The ‘Snatched’ star has thanked her mother Sandra and father Gordon for always telling her how “funny, smart, special and beautiful” she is when she was younger as it helped her stay positive about herself as she got older.
She said: “I think it’s the way your mum looks at you. That gaze, where you see yourself reflected in her eyes, and there’s just so much love. My mum just made me feel so funny and smart and special and beautiful, and it wasn’t until years later that I found out she was lying.
“I’m joking, but it’s kind of true. Her and my father were just like, ‘you are amazing’, and I was like, ‘I am amazing’, and by the time I realised that they were exaggerating, it was too late. My nervous system was already set up.”
And Amy has a mother figure in her co-star Goldie Hawn, who she says has a “gift” for comedy.
She added to “It was like I’ve tested these jokes, I know where the laughs are. You can mostly any time look over at her [Goldie Hawn], and if she’s doing something, like looking at her phone or whatever, her glasses will be like this, or there will be like one crumb on her face. There’s just something.
“That kind of power, where just with your hands, you can do anything, and I think that’s just a gift that maybe five people ever had … It’s the organic stuff, what happens in the moment of the show when they can tell you’re off-script, that’s the stuff you want to see. That’s what makes people laugh and I think when people see this movie, they’ll see those moments and be like, that was just a real moment.”

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