Zara Larsson believes a pair of heels can transform every outfit

ICONINSIDER — Zara Larsson believes a pair of heels can transform every outfit.
The 19-year-old singer believes footwear is the one wardrobe staple that is essential to “dress up” any outfit for an evening out or for work, and the star shared her style advice in a post on social media.
Alongside a picture of the blonde beauty adorning a purple velvet two piece leisure-wear set with embellished open toe heels whilst on the set of a photoshoot, she wrote: “How to look like you dressed up but you really didn’t: heels. Wearing a tracksuit? Just put some heels on and go to work. Wearing a brown paper bag as a dress? Just put on some heels and go to work. (sic).”
And the ‘Lush Life’ hitmaker has revealed an extra pair of underwear is also a must-have item, and she will “always” carry a spare pair of knickers with her in her bag because she will never wear the same lingerie two days in a row.
When previously asked if she wears the same underwear for more than 24 hours in a video interview with MTV Online, she said: “I don’t do that.
“I always have an extra pair in my bag and if I don’t I would rather go without panties.”
Meanwhile, the Swedish star has revealed she has cut out cheese from her diet because she thinks the thought of how the dairy product is made is “weird”.
Speaking about her eating plan, she said: “I think cheese can be great, although I am trying to not eat cheese, because if you really think about what cheese really is, it’s weird. It’s the breast milk from a cow or a goat who is having a baby, it’s weird.”

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