Taylor Hill wants free reign of her Instagram

ICONINSIDER — Taylor Hill doesn’t want her Instagram account to be “controlled”.
The 21-year-old model doesn’t feel the pressure of having an image to live up to for her seven million followers because she’d rather be “spontaneous” and let fans see who she really is.
Asked if she ever feels the pressure of having so many followers, she said: “Not really, no. I think a lot of what I do is very organic, as if I’m speaking to a friend.
“Making it too controlled loses the sense of getting to know them and them getting to know me. I love to be spontaneous about my life.”
And Taylor tries to pay no attention to any negative comments she receives on social media.
She added: “I try not to focus on anything negative because as soon as you do, it’s all over from there.
“Instagram shows the special, fun parts of life as if I was a regular person. I just do what I do and ignore everything else.”
The Victoria’s Secret beauty does her best to promote a positive image to her fans.
She shared: “Just love yourself. That’s the one thing I’ve learned and try to express to my fans. I don’t overdo it. I never say the words, ‘I have to work out.’ I hate that.”
And Taylor insists her slender frame is largely due to her height, but she does enjoy exercising for the sake of her “mental wellbeing”.
She told LOOK magazine: “People hate me but I’m almost 6ft tall, so where does it all go? That’s the thing I think a lot of people don’t register – models are very tall.
“In photos, you might not be able to tell, but I’m five to seven inches taller than most women. I do work out because I like it. I used to be a competing gymnast. I work out for my mental wellbeing.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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