Sophie Kasaei splits from boyfriend

ICONINSIDER — Sophie Kasaei has split from her boyfriend after he turned down her marriage proposal.
The ‘Geordie Shore’ star took to Snapchat to admit that she was “really embarrassed” after Joel Korry – her partner of six years – rejected her and they have now split up.
She ranted: “I am really, really embarrassed.
“Like, I can’t believe what happened last night. So me and Joel were trying to work things out.
“And obviously I keep talking about getting a house with him and I want to move in with him and stuff.
“I just want to go to the next step. Oh god, I can’t believe I did it. So last night, we’re sitting and I asked him if he wanted to marry us! Oh my god and it was so bad! And I can’t believe that he actually said no. Like I’m actually fuming so we are totally over.”
Sophie has since deleted the videos from her Snapchat account.
There have been signs for some time that Joel was not ready to commit and he admitted last month that he had a “nightmare” that Sophie got pregnant.
She shared a snapshot of their text conversation on Twitter, with a message from Joel which said: “I had a nightmare that you got pregnant and had our baby. God.”
However, Sophie appeared to find it funny at the time, captioning the message: “Nice to see that my boyfriend thinks it’s a nightmare if I got pregnant to his baby (sic)” and adding some crying laughing emojis.

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