Paul Weller slams modern guitar music

ICONINSIDER — Paul Weller has slammed the state of modern guitar music.
The former Jam frontman struggles to think of many rock bands that have caught his attention lately and says he is more of a fan of hip-hop like Kendrick Lamar, with the exception of singer/songwriter Lucy Rose and his pals in Syd Arthur and Savoy Motel.
He admitted: “I find it insipid at the moment. I can’t think of any guitar bands, English bands anyway, at the moment.
“I quite like an American band called Savoy Motel; I like their last record. And Syd Arthur I really love – they’re mates as well, I really like them.
“Lucy Rose has got a new album coming out in the next few months that’s really great. There are a lot of great individual records and individuals really.”
On the R&B stars he is into, he added: “I like the J Hus single ‘Did You See’ – that’s really good. Band-wise, nothing’s really moving me at the moment, but there’s some good R&B things. I like the Anderson .Paak record and I liked Kendrick Lamar’s album.”
And the ‘Long Long Road’ rocker also said he appreciates some grime music.
He told NME magazine: “I haven’t really heard much of it – I’ve only heard it when I tune into a pirate station in the car.
“Some of it like – It’s like any music, there’s always going to be good bits I get, and other bits I don’t get – but I think it’s probably the only form of British music that’s really saying something.”
The 58-year-old rocker – who releases his 13th studio LP ‘A Kind of Revolution’ on May 12 – also revealed the artists he’s hoping to collaborate with on his next record including former Treebound rocker Richard Hawley, Lucy Rose and The Villagers’ Conor O’Brien.
He said: “I’m hoping to work with Richard Hawley for the next record, I’m doing for next year, so I’m hoping to write this song with Richard.
“I’ve also asked Lucy Rose as well to do something with us, and Conor O’Brien from Villagers, so we’ll see.
“They’re great songwriters – just great writers and talented people.”

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