Paul Burrell marries boyfriend

ICONINSIDER — Paul Burrell has tied the knot with his male partner.
The former royal butler splashed out £30,000 on a luxurious Lake District wedding to his boyfriend of 10 years Graham Cooper in front of a congregation of 60 people including Paul’s sons Alex, 32, and Nick, 28.
The pair tied the knot at the Linthwaite Hotel in Bowness, Cumbria in matching tartan, designed by Paul himself. As a reminder of his time serving Britain’s Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, he opted to include red for Diana, gold for the Queen and green to remember his time on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’ in the tartan design.
The couple walked down the aisle to Barbra Streisand’s ‘Some Enchanted Evening’ before exchanging their vows. After getting married, the pair headed back down the aisle to Kylie Minogue’s ‘Better the Devil You Know’, The Sun newspaper reports.
It was confirmed last month that Paul would be tying the knot to Graham after officially divorcing his wife Maria nine months previous.
A source said at the time: “He’s so much happier now that he can tell the world and be comfortable with himself and his relationship.”
Whilst another insider added: “Paul’s friends and family all know but for a long time he kept it a closely guarded secret. And for a time, literally nobody knew.
“He did share it with Diana while he worked with her because they were so close. But at the time she was the only woman he felt he could tell.”
And Paul previously insisted his ex-wife always knew he was attracted to men.
He said: “She wanted it to be for life [but] I think she went into it with her eyes wide open.She knew of me in the palace and she knew my lifestyle …
“I don’t like that word, gay. What’s gay? I think there’s a sliding scale of black to white, we’re all on there somewhere. Yes, I was attracted to men and she knew, but I was also attracted to women and we had a wonderful life.”

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