Nina Wadia chose US over EastEnders return

ICONINSIDER — Nina Wadia was asked to return to ‘EastEnders’ last year – but she rejected the offer.
The 47-year-old actress portrayed busybody Zainab Masood in the long-running soap between 2007 and 2013 and was asked by bosses while she was tied filming a pilot for NBC Universal if she’d be open to reprising her role temporarily but, of course, her shooting commitments across the pond meant that she had to turn down the chance.
Speaking on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ on Wednesday (12.04.17), Nina, who’s character was written out of the show following a move to Pakistan, said: “They [BBC bosses] did last year, actually they did (ask me to return to ‘EastEnders’) but I was doing a pilot out in the states and I said I couldn’t do it, I’m still waiting to hear on that [pilot].
She explained the pilot is a comedy called ‘Champions’ and is written by Charlie Grandy of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and Mindy Kaling who has the ‘The Mindy Project’.
She explained: “I play a Persian nail salon owner who is an absolute piece of work, I love her. I will know in about seven weeks (if I’ve got the part).”
But she admitted that if she does land the role, she doesn’t know how she will juggle her family life with work as she has two children Tia, 13, and Aidan, 10, to care for.
She added: “I didn’t think it through. I genuinely don’t know what I’m going to do with my family, my life or anything.”
And, although all of the Masood family have since left ‘EastEnders’, Nina hasn’t ruled out a return to Albert Square in the near future as the door has been left open for her.
She teased: “You never say never in this business.”
Meanwhile, Nina is about to hit screens this week when her romantic comedy film ‘Finding Fatimah’, in which she portrays Khadija, is released.
She said: “It’s a lovely, feel good RomCom…It’s set in the British Muslim community and is about a young guy who is divorced and looking for his next wife. It’s an opportunity for him to break that stigma, and I play his mum, of course, I always play the mum, and she’s a widow who is also looking for someone on this same website.”
‘Finding Fatimah’ is out in cinemas on Friday (14.04.17).

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