Natalia Vodianova 'never' intended to be a model

ICONINSIDER — Natalia Vodianova’s life goal was “never” to be a model.
The 35-year-old Russian model was signed with Viva Models by the age of 17 years old, and although she enjoys being a catwalk icon she didn’t intend to boast a successful career in front of the camera when she was younger.
Speaking to InStyle Online about her profession, the blonde-beauty said: “I still very much enjoy it. Modelling was never a goal for me.”
However, the star is grateful for her job because she claims it has given her “true purpose” in her life.
The philanthropist – who set up her own charity the Naked Foundation, which helps to provide a safe environment for children to play in in Russia and to support families who have a child with a disability – explained: “But it gave me an opportunity to find my life’s true purpose.
“The fashion industry is behind the fund-raising for all the organizations I am involved in. For that, I’m so grateful.”
The muse – who has Lucas, 15, Viktor, nine, Neva, 11, and two-year-old son Maxim – has admitted she finds strength to continue with her career in her family, friends, in her colleagues and in a person’s “smile”.
Speaking about her motivation, she said: “I find strength everywhere – a smile, good news, my team, my family, my friends, and the people we are helping at Naked Heart and Elbi [a philanthropic app Vodianova co-created that supports various charities].”
Natalia is desperate to leave her mark through her contributions in a bid to make a positive society, and she hopes her energies will be noticed and she will be remembered as someone who “never gave up” on her dreams.
She said: “As someone who never gave up.”

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