Miranda grieves close friend's death

ICONINSIDER — Miranda Hart was in “shock” when her “dearest friend” died of cancer last year.
The 44-year-old comedian was dealt a huge blow in 2016 when her close pal Joanna Dugdale, who she met at drama school two decades ago, tragically passed away from breast cancer three weeks after she was told it was incurable.
And, although she was heartbroken by her loss, the television star believes Joanna is watching over her and she even helped her write her new Comic Relief book.
Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, she said: “I met Joanna at drama school 20 years ago and she was one of my dearest friends. To lose her last year was a huge shock. I dedicated my Comic Relief book to her as she loved the idea of it – she had a determined positive outlook on life – and gave me a couple of ideas for it.
“I am sure she is laughing with me as I do the daily entries from the book.”
The comedian, who is known for her semi-autobiographical series ‘Miranda’, was unable to attend Joanna’s funeral in person but had written a eulogy to be read.
Joanna’s stepfather Howard, 68, said: “At the funeral Miranda had a very funny eulogy about Joanna taking the p*** out of her and calling her a party pooper because they were both sitting in their pyjamas and dressing gowns instead of being out clubbing.
“It was a very funny remembrance of their last weekend together.”
Joanna had been in remission from breast cancer when she paid a visit to Miranda in Sussex for a week last year but, upon her return, she found out her cancer had come back and this time it was inoperable. She sadly died three weeks later.

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