Macy Gray: I've spoiled my kids

ICONINSIDER — Macy Gray thinks she’s “spoiled” her kids.
The 49-year-old singer didn’t want to be a “hard” parent like her mother was, so when it came to raising Aanisah, 22, Tahmel, 21, and 19-year-old Happy – her children with ex-husband Tracey Hinds – she wasn’t very strict, something which she now regrets.
She said: “My biggest regret is that I wasn’t harder on my kids. They’re really spoilt.
“I should’ve been a lot stricter, like my mum. But I didn’t want to be like her, so they got away with a lot. It’s too late now.”
However, the ‘I Try’ hitmaker is “really close” to all her children and feels grateful they know her very well.
Asked who her best friend is, she said: “Adam [my manager]. We spend a lot of time together, so we’re super-tight.
“My kids are really close to me, they know me better than anybody. One is in school, one works on a TV set and my son works at a TV store. He’s a really good salesman.”
Macy admits people think she’s “a little loopy” or constantly drunk, but that’s just the way she is and she’s learned not to care about the opinions of others.
She told Grazia magazine: “People think I’m drunk all the time. The way I talk and the way I move, I just seem a little loopy. A lot of the time people think I’m on something but I’m not.
“I used to worry about what people thought but my mom said, ‘When you’re 40, you won’t care.’ She’s right. You do reach a time where it gets exhausting trying to make everybody happy with who you are. At some point, you just give up and you just do your thing.”

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