Lisa Kudrow: Mira Sorvino hasn't aged

ICONINSIDER — Lisa Kudrow doesn’t think a ‘Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion’ sequel would work because Mira Sorvino hasn’t aged.
The 53-year-old actress and her 49-year-old co-star were always keen to revisit the cult comedy – which focused on two unsuccessful women returning to meet with their old classmates 10 years after graduation – and even had a plot in mind, but the project was never picked up and Lisa now thinks the moment has passed by.
She said: “We wanted to do it. Mira and I and Robin (Schiff, the writer) – we had a story, we had an idea, but it was never picked up.
“And I don’t know how it would work because Mira looks incredibly – she hasn’t aged. I don’t want to play Romy’s mom.”
Asked what the sequel would have been about, she said “Romy and Michele get married. And then divorced.”
Meanwhile, the ‘Friends’ star admitted she almost gave up acting after being cast as Roz in ‘Frasier’ but replaced after the pilot episode.
She recalled to heat magazine: “That was devastating to me. That was the end of the world. It hit me hard.
“That was when I really questioned my position in this industry.
“At the time, I didn’t see any more opportunities coming my way.
“From these writers, you knew this show was going to run for years and I was never going to get another chance like that.
“And then, I had about two weeks of misery and I pulled myself out of that particular black hole and said to myself, ‘I’m OK, I’m going to keep going and see what happens.’
“I’m not someone who would never climb out of that, so I did, and I pushed through.”

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