Linda Nolan makes bucket list as she deals with cancer diagnosis

ICONINSIDER — Linda Nolan has made a bucket list of things she wants to do now she’s been diagnosed with incurable cancer.
The former Nolans singer discovered she had secondary breast cancer after doctors found a cyst on her pelvis when she fell up the stairs and broke her hip in March.
Linda’s prognosis is positive and she has been told she could live with the illness for 10 or 15 years so she has started planning things she wants to do before she dies, and top of that list is to visit Lapland with her great-nieces and nephews.
Giving a joint interview with her young sister Coleen Nolan on ‘Loose Women’ on Tuesday (04.04.17), Linda said: “They’ve told me it’s not curable but it is treatable. I’m not going to let it take me, I’m going to fight it every step of the way because there are so many things that I want to do. They sound like trivial things, but I’ve never flown first class, I’d like to do that. In a way this diagnosis has made me think that I’ve got the opportunity now to do the things that I want to do, because I don’t know how long I’m going to be here; although my prognosis is good I could be here for 10 or 15 years. But I’ve been given the opportunity now to say, ‘I want to do that.’ I want to take my great-nieces and nephews to Lapland and see Father Christmas with them.”
Linda, 58, revealed it was one of her nieces, seven-year-old Ava, who was with her when she fell at her home and the quick-thinking youngster was responsible for getting her aunt help.
Calling Ava to sit with her and 52-year-old Coleen in front of the cameras, Linda shared: “My niece Ava, she’s seven, was the one who was with me when I fell down the stairs and she took control otherwise I would have been stuck overnight. She took control and got Auntie Linda’s phone and opened the door so my sisters could come in and then she held me up until they could get there. So Ava is the hero of the day!”
Former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Linda will find out later this week the full extent of her cancer and she will then begin treatment.
She said: “I had a bone biopsy last week and I’ve been given the preliminary results, which is what we knew really, that it is secondary breast cancer. I’m now waiting until Thursday when the rest of the results will be in which will tell me what grade it is, what size the tumour is. Then I’m going to have injections into my bones to strengthen my bones and then I’ll have a blast of radiotherapy then intravenous drugs to fight the cancer, I don’t have to have chemo this time, which is a big relief. It’s very daunting. I am absolutely devastated. I was devastated because I feel so bad for my family having to go through it all again. They’ve been amazing, everybody has. I’ve had so many messages and cards from the public and I have to say thank you because it really does help.”

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