Kristen Bell's caffeine fix

ICONINSIDER — Kristen Bell needs to “be caffeinated” before she talks to anyone in the morning.
The ‘Frozen’ star – who has Lincoln, four, and Delta, two, with her husband Dax Shepard – quipped she needs her morning coffee before she’s “nice to anyone”.
Explaining her morning routine, she said: “My current alarm clock is the blood-curdling screams that I wake up to.
“I bolt down the hallway thinking that someone’s fallen out of their crib or broken their arm or, I don’t know, drowning in the sink, and then they’re just like, ‘Good morning, Mommy!’ …
“I try not to interact with my kids too much before I drink my matcha because I need to be caffeinated to be nice to anyone.”
However, Kristen’s children make “everything” in her life better.
She told Us Weekly magazine: “What I love the most is how much kids rightsize your problems. You don’t really care as much. They just make everything better. So all the things you used to worry about just sort of disintegrate.”
Meanwhile, the blonde star previously revealed she takes her children to work with her “every day.”
She said: “Only one of us works at a time. We have a lot of great people that are our support system and we bring our kids everywhere – my babies come to work every day, I have the luxury of doing that … We’re very mindful about taking jobs that will not take us away from them too much.”
And despite their busy schedules, Kristen says her and Dax always make time for sex.
She shared: “We’re pretty decent about staying on top of it. We’ll be like, ‘Okay, it’s been how many days?’ We find a night when nobody is coming over and we don’t have to work super-early in the morning, and then we slot it in.”

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