Kim Woodburn likes lettuce spanking

ICONINSIDER — Kim Woodburn likes being spanked with lettuce leaves.
The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star has admitted she likes spicing up her sex life with her husband Peter Woodburn, whom she married in 1979, and her favourite kinky move at the moment is being whipped across her bare bottom with the limp vegetable.
Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: “I’m into lettuce leaves at the moment for a little smack on the bum, it’s rather nice you know.”
The ‘How Clean is Your House?’ presenter may be 74 and her husband is 78 but she’s adamant she doesn’t let their ages stop them from getting it on in the bedroom.
She explained: “I weigh a lot, I weigh a ton, but my husband throws me about he’s a very physical man, I’ve got no complaints in that department!”
Meanwhile, the professional cleaner, who hasn’t released a tome since 2006’s ‘Unbeaten’ based on her brutal childhood, recently admitted she’s toying with the idea of penning her own “mucky book” called ‘There’s Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit of Filth’ to rival erotic novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.
She said at the time “I’m 50 shades of Filth! I’m thinking of writing a mucky book and I would call it ‘There’s Nothing Dirty In A Clean Bit of Filth!'”
And it’s not just risqué author she’d like to add to her curriculum vitae as Kim is also open to the idea of getting frisky on the phone if her work starts to dry up.
After knocking back a number of alcoholic beverages while taking part in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in January, Kim’s co-star Nicola McLean – who used to be a glamour model – told her part-time enemy: “You’d do really well on the sex line.”
Kim replied: “If television work doesn’t come in after this I’ll be on the b****y sex line!”
And Bianca Gascoigne – who is a glamour model and works as a manager at a strip club in London – said she thinks Kim would be “brilliant” because “some men like that dominatrix type of sound.”

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