Kieron Richardson didn't cry for 9 years

ICONINSIDER — Kieron Richardson went without crying for nine years.
The ‘Hollyoak’s hunk – who is known for portraying Ste Hay in the long-running soap – has admitted the death of his pet pooch Ricky hit him hard a few weeks ago and he even burst into tears – something he hasn’t done since his nana died in 2008.
Speaking to star magazine, he said: “The last time I cried was a few weeks ago when my pug Ricky died. I’d had him for 10 years. I fake cry all the time, but I haven’t genuinely cried like that since my nana died in 2008.”
However, the 31-year-old actor found himself in a flap earlier this week when he accidentally let slip during an appearance on ‘This Morning’ that his alter ego was behind Amy Barnes’ (Ashley Slanina-Davies) shocking murder.
Speaking on the show, he said: “The performances are absolutely brilliant. Ashley who plays Amy Barnes is an absolutely fantastic actress. Even in my final scenes when I… no. Is this live? Have you got any jobs here? I might need one.”
Holly Willoughby then attempted to change the subject to stop Kieron getting himself into any more trouble with Channel 4 bosses by asking him about the impending birth of his twins, which were conceived via surrogate, with his husband Carl Hyland.
He explained: “I’m having two babies via a surrogate… We argue all the time over the names but we’re not going to tell anyone … I can’t really concentrate right now because I feel like I’ve just lost my job. There’s loads of suspects. I hate this job.”

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