Kiernan Shipka is 'more experimental' with her style

ICONINSIDER — Kiernan Shipka has become “more experimental” with her style choices.
The 17-year-old actress believes she is more adventurous with her wardrobe now than she was when she was younger and she has “stopped caring” about the garments she pairs together so she can have “fun” with her outfits, which makes her feel “free and stylish”.
Speaking about her fashion evolution in InStyle magazine, the golden-haired beauty said: “I’m more experimental now than when I was younger. You should have fun with fashion, because why not? The moment I stopped caring was the moment I felt the most free and stylish.”
The Chicago-born star has admitted she has developed a “true love for fashion” now, and if she isn’t excited by an item she simply won’t wear it.
She explained: “I just have a true love for fashion. If it doesn’t excite you — as with anything — then it shows.”
And the ‘Mad Men’ star – who played the role of Sally Draper in the popular American series for eight years until the programme ended in 2015 – has credited costume designer Janie Bryant for teaching her about fashion and enabling her to see clothes as a way of telling a “story”.
She explained: “Janie was the first person who told me that style can tell a story. It’s not just clothes; it’s a message. That was ingrained in my mind and definitely made me want to say, ‘What place am I at right now, and what do I want to convey?'”.
“I was lucky to form I got to wear something cool.”
Kiernan has admitted she was in love with her character’s wardrobe because it was filled with
“all the clothes” she wanted to wear when she was a child.
Speaking previously, she said:”In ‘Mad Men’, I have a tonne of favourite costumes.
“It’s all the clothes that, when I was 6 and 7, I wanted to wear in ‘Mad Men’ all the older ladies were getting to wear. So it’s kind of like living out my childhood fashion dream.”

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