Kate Hudson's family's huge work ethic

ICONINSIDER — Kate Hudson says her family’s work ethic is “really huge”.
The ‘Almost Famous’ star comes from a family of actors and is impressed with her mother Goldie Hawn and her stepfather Kurt Russell’s commitment to their careers.
She said: “The work ethic in our family is really huge. They definitely instilled that in all of their kids … it was just basically, ‘Do your job, do it the best you can.’
“I think I had probably more of a traditional childhood than people would probably think. Obviously, as you get older, you start to realise that people see your parents differently, but to us, they’re our parents, and we had a great childhood because there was so much love. They were very present parents, surprisingly, for how big their careers were.”
And when the 37-year-old actress missed out on an Oscar early on in her career, it was Kurt who kept her feeling positive.
Speaking on ABC Radio’s No Limits With Rebecca Jarvis podcast, she added: “Something Kurt said to me at the Oscars after I lost [was], ‘Congratulations. You can now go have your career.’
“That was, like, such a great thing to say, because it’s just starting, I was 21, so it was kind of amazing to have that so young and then just start working and having that kind of demand at a young age is just incredible.”
Meanwhile, Kate previously praised Goldie and Kurt for their parenting style, insisting they never put any pressure on her or her siblings.
She shared: “What makes mom the best is that she never put any expectations too high on the kids. She just wanted us to be doing the things that made us happy, as long as we were working hard, but we never had to live up to something.
“It’s not really advice so much as she’s my confidante and we talk about our life and her life, and we support each other now that I’m an adult. Where she’s really wonderful is leading an authentic life and a truthful life.
“I am who I am because of my mom, who, above anything else, loves to laugh. I inherited that from her – I love to laugh. She is a big believer in never taking anything too seriously and I like to think I am the same.”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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