K-2SO could return to Star Wars

ICONINSIDER — ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ droid K-2SO could be lined up for a ‘Star Wars’ return.
While the robotic insertion agent was killed off in the stand-alone movie, actor Alan Tudyk, who voiced the droid, doesn’t believe that means the end of his alter ego.
Asked by reporter Ryan J. Downey at Lucasfilm’s San Francisco headquarters if K-2SO could return, Alan quipped to animation supervisor Hal Hickel: “You’re more in touch with the people that pull those triggers.”
Hal replied: “I would love to see that, because I love the character, I love being a part of bringing a new Star Wars droid into the Star Wars Universe.
But Alan joked: “I’d love Christmas to come without tears but…it’s never gonna happen.”
However, Hal thinks there are ways around the droid’s end that could see him resurrected.
He added: “So I don’t have an answer for you but I’d love to see it. To be honest I’d love to imagine somehow or other, was it you (Tudyk) that was saying when he extracts the information from the other droid that maybe he actually downloaded your stuff into his head, somebody was telling me this and I was like ‘Oh my God that’s a great idea’, and then maybe that droid – because it was somewhere else in the complex – survived the big blast.”
But Alan has his own ideas for a K-2SO and Cassian Andor spin-off that explores how the pair first met up and became inseparable partners.
He said: “How about this one, Cassian and how he finds K-2 and some of their adventures together before they got all this baggage.”
And as the show continues to further develop the backstory of the Rebel alliance, Hal believes there is definitely room to show how the droid joined the cause.
Hal added: “And that should totally criss-cross with Rebels so that would be great.”

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