Josh Whitehouse: 'Smell is such a huge part of somebody's character'

ICONINSIDER — Josh Whitehouse thinks a person’s smell is a “huge part” of their character.
The British actor, who is the new face of Burberry’s Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum fragrance, believes
perfumes hold a “nostalgic quality” for him because he always remembers a person by their scent and becomes a defining characteristic.
He said: “Smell is such a huge part of somebody’s character. We remember people by their scent, and I find there is such a nostalgic quality to fragrance. For that reason, I think having a fragrance that you wear all the time is nice for both men and women. It becomes part of who you are, which is why having another fragrance to wear for special occasions is equally important.
“To me, sensuality is all about touch, smell, intimacy and how I feel -a culmination of experiences.”
And the dark-haired hunk – who is the guitarist in the band More Like Trees – has revealed his favourite grooming products from the British fashion house are their aftershave balm and moisturizing face scrub because they smell “amazing”.
He said: “My favourites are the Mr. Burberry Face Scrub and Mr. Burberry Aftershave Balm; they smell amazing and are not too strong, just this lovely hint of the fragrance on your skin.
The ‘Living On The Edge’ star poses in a Burberry suit in the new cosmetics campaign, and Josh has admitted as soon as he adorned the garment he felt like a “new man”.
When asked if he owns a tailored Burberry tuxedo and how he felt sporting one for his latest venture, he said: “I do own one, yes. I love wearing it but I only put it on for very special occasions. I felt like a whole new man in the Burberry tuxedo.

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