Josh Whitehouse believes British men are fearless with fashion

ICONINSIDER — Josh Whitehouse believes British men are fearless about their wardrobe choices.
The British actor – who was announced as the new face of Burberry’s Mr.Burberry fragrance and grooming collection earlier this month – believes males living in Britain are “not afraid” of their appearance or style choices.
Speaking about British style, the dark-haired hunk said: “I think British men are not afraid of being who they are and look how they want to look.
“They don’t take themselves too seriously and can be quite irreverent, and I think this characterises their style.”
And the ‘Living On The Edge’ star claims he has a laid back outlook on life and style.
He said: “I’d like to think this applies to me, too.
” I am generally quite a quiet person in my day-to-day life and more of a thinker than a speaker. However, I am also a performer so when I’m up on stage with my band I become quite the opposite. In fact, while performing in general – be it acting or music – I, like many other creative people, find that this often becomes something of a release. It is certainly one of my own personal contrasts.”
Josh – who is the guitarist in the band More Like Trees – has revealed he loves the feeling when he is getting ready for an evening out and is walking out the door neatly coiffed with the entire evening ahead of him to have fun.
He explained: “There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being excited for a night out, especially if you are anticipating spending it with someone special. The best part of looking forward to it is just that: when it’s nearly time to go, you are getting ready and walking out of the door. You know you have the whole night ahead of you to enjoy.”
Meanwhile, Josh has admitted London means “everything” to him because he believes moving to England’s capital helped to kick start his career.
He said: “London has meant everything to me since I moved here eight years ago. I have built a home here with my family and found many new friends, as well as discovering a career that I never even saw myself heading into. Things just happen in London that wouldn’t happen elsewhere… I don’t know what I would be doing if I hadn’t moved here.”

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