Jim Broadbent bemoans lack of roles for older actors

ICONINSIDER — Jim Broadbent has lamented the lack of on-screen roles for older actors.
The 67-year-old star has claimed that fewer movies are being targeted at the older generation, meaning that actors such as himself are finding it increasingly difficult to secure attractive roles.
He explained: “You get the paper and 13 new films are being reviewed every week. If you’re lucky, two or three of those would appeal to the older generation.
“Actually, there are far fewer parts for older people, so I’m now part of a minority for the first time.”
Jim revealed, too, that he doesn’t understand American culture – which has meant Hollywood has never really appealed to him as a working environment.
He told the Radio Times: “Occasionally I’ve been asked to do American roles, and once or twice I have, but I don’t understand Americans.
“I don’t have any real feeling for American culture. I do have it with British culture. I understand what makes us tick. To a degree.”
Meanwhile, Jim has also expressed sympathy with those Millennial actors who are, increasingly, being forced to accept on-screen roles purely for money.
The award-winning star explained: “We’ve been very lucky in our generation – peace, home-owning, pensions – all these things that youngsters now aren’t going to have.
“But there’s a political energy now, an anger, that hasn’t been evident for a long time. Maybe all this is part of something breaking – a system that has to break to come back stronger.”
Despite his gripes, Jim is set to star in a big screen adaptation of Julian Barnes’ Booker Prize-winning novel ‘The Sense Of An Ending’, while he will also appear in the seventh series of ‘Game Of Thrones’ later this year.

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