Jennifer Aniston isn't a fan of Justin Theroux's beard

ICONINSIDER — Jennifer Aniston hates Justin Theroux’s beard.
The 48-year-old star initially didn’t mind his bushy facial hair, but quickly grew tired of it and asked him to shave – but he can’t because of his filming commitments to ‘The Leftovers’.
Justin shared: “She likes it, up to a point. She’ll like it for about a month and then she’s like, ‘OK, you have to get rid of it.’ Then I’m like, ‘No, I actually have to keep the beard now for the whole show.'”
Justin, 45, also admitted his wife disliked his stubble – which he had to retain throughout the first season of the show – because it was so uncomfortable.
He told ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’: “The first season I had to have stubble for the entire season and that was torture for her. [But] now it’s soft.”
Meanwhile, Justin recently described Jennifer as his “ally” and revealed that being married has made their relationship even better.
He said: “Marriage makes the small things much smaller and the big things small. You have an ally. It’s good to have someone have your back.”
Justin said, too, he would be interested in working with his wife on a TV show, revealing he would love to write a series in which she could play a starring role.
He explained: “We toss around ideas occasionally, but it’s got to be something I want to write and something she wants to act in.
“But yeah, it would be fantastic if we were able to do something together.”
Meanwhile, Justin’s ‘The Leftovers’ co-star Carrie Coon recently joked that show creator Damon Lindelof is so jealous of the actor’s good looks, he put the star through hell on set to get back at him.
She said: “Justin was put through more than anyone else -getting dunked, sliding around naked on bathroom floors, dying… I have this theory that Damon actually really hates him or is resentful of Justin for being attractive and so therefore writes heinous things for him to do. But you can’t rattle him. He never complains, even when the conditions of the show are really challenging.”

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