Jason Manford excited for The Nightly Show

ICONINSIDER — Jason Manford is “really looking forward” to hosting ‘The Nightly Show’.
The 35-year-old comedian is set to take the reigns on the ITV late night chat show – which is hosted by a different presenter each week – on Monday (10.04.17) and believes he’ll “be all right” when he comes to host the show because he says it’s easier for comics as they can make jokes up on the spot.
He said: “I’m really looking forward to it, to be honest. As a comic, you always think, ‘Well it’ll be all right when I do it’.
“I think it’s harder for non-comics, because you’ve got to just take the writers’ jokes. But I’ve been watching every minute of it – literally taking notes.
“And what I’ve noticed so far is that when John Bishop was doing the monologue, his was the strongest, and that’s because he’s a comic and it’s his thing.
“But when Dermot O’Leary was doing the interviews, I think his were the strongest of them, because he knows that world. A lot of it has been very good.”
The show has had its ups and downs in the past seven weeks since it started airing with viewing figures sometimes dipping below one million, but Jason has praised the programme for daring to be different.
He told The Sun newspaper: “You’ve got to work out what works and doesn’t work — but unfortunately in the case of The Nightly Show the only way to do that is live on television.
“But hopefully, by week seven we should have nailed it.
“It’s nice to be asked to do something like this because it’s a big deal for ITV and they’ve really invested in it.
“Having one person with one vision driving a show, right or wrong, is very refreshing and I think that’s the way TV should be done.”
‘The Nightly Show’ airs weekdays on ITV at 10pm.

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