Holly Hagan is removing tattoo of Kyle Christie's face

ICONINSIDER — Holly Hagan has started the process of removing the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend Kyle Christie from the back of her neck.
The former ‘Geordie Shore’ star has taken to social media to document the first step on her journey to remove the body art of her ex-boyfriend, which will take eight sessions to completely get rid of, after the former couple split following their appearance on MTV’s ‘Just Tattoo of Us’, which saw the reality star get the inking.
Speaking on her Twitter account about the procedure to undo the permanent marking, the 24-year-old wrote: “We’re one session down and around 8 more to go! (sic).”
However, the reality star has joked the portrait of her previous partner now looks like he has a “skin condition” because of the impact of the laser treatment.
She continued: “He currently looks like he has a skin condition. Thanks @skinsandneedles for the laser (sic).”
Holly and Kyle were invited to take part in the series by her friend and former co-star Charlotte Crosby who co-hosts the programme with her boyfriend Stephen Bear.
During the episode Kyle decided to tattoo his own face onto the bottom of Holly’s neck, and it has been reported his actions have caused Holly and Charlotte to fall out.
Speaking previously, the 26-year-old television personality and presenter said: “After Holly found out what her tattoo was and went home she didn’t actually speak to us properly for like three days.
“Anyone who watches the episode will freak out. Because if their boyfriends ever did this to them let’s just say they wouldn’t be your boyfriend for much longer.”
Since filming the episode Holly and Kyle have called time on their romance, however it is rumoured Holly knew she wanted to end her relationship before appearing on the show.

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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