Harry Styles' single reflects the album

ICONINSIDER — Harry Styles says his debut single is a “good representation” of his upcoming album.
The former One Direction singer released his debut solo effort ‘Sign of the Times’ on Friday (07.04.17) and has said that whilst not every song on his forthcoming solo album will follow the same style as the track, he believes the single is a sign of things to come.
He said: “I think ‘Sign of the Times,’ in terms of honesty, is a good representation of the album. I don’t know if they all sound exactly like it, I think there’s a lot of different little bits on there. But in terms of liking it, I do, which is handy.”
And Harry – who is the third member of the boy band to go solo after Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson released the singles ‘This Town’ and ‘Just Hold On’ respectively – said his inspiration for the single came out of wanting to write “something honest”.
He told Carson Daly on American radio station AMP Radio: “I wanted to write something honest and something that I wanted to listen to. I think it’s impossible to not be influenced by stuff you grow up listening to — stuff my parents played and stuff that I still listen to now. We just kind of started writing and wanted to see what came out. We’re pretty happy with it.”
Meanwhile, Harry previously insisted that the ‘Drag Me Down’ hitmakers – which also includes Liam Payne, who is set to release solo material later this year, and previously included fifth member Zayn Malik before his departure in 2015 – are likely to reunite at some point despite all four of them pursuing solo careers.
He said: “I think the thing that’s really cool about it is, you know, we all went through that together and it’s like you know, something that we’ll always have in common. I don’t think any of us will ever rule out anything in the future. You know, it was a huge part of our lives and I think now it’s really cool to kind of have everyone go and write what they want to put out as themselves, I think that’s something really cool you know. It’s the band, it’s one thing. And when it’s all together it’s that and then I think it’s interesting to get to see everyone kind of explore their own tastes as well.”

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