Gemma Collins will have a baby on her own

ICONINSIDER — Gemma Collins would have a baby “on my own” if she doesn’t find the right man and fall pregnant naturally.
The 36-year-old buxom blonde has made it known she is desperate to start a family, and the star will stop at “nothing” to make her dream of having a child come true, even if it means she doesn’t have a partner by her side as she will gladly go it alone and attempt other methods.
Speaking openly on ‘Loose Women’ on Thursday (06.04.17), the ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ star said: “I still hope. If I don’t ever meet that man, I will go onto have a baby on my own because I do think that I have a lot of love to give and I could give a child a lovely life.
“If I go ahead and do it on my own, and as much as I love the dream of the whole family unit, all sitting round the table, if it doesn’t happen I will go ahead and do it on my own. Nothing is going to stop me because the feeling of that unfulfillment.
“I will have a child, I just don’t know how it will happen yet.”
Although the television personality was told by a medical expert freezing her eggs would be unsuccessful, she would “never rule out” adoption.
Speaking about the other options available to her, she said: “There’s a one in ten chance I will fall pregnant naturally, that’s really, really rare. Two, they wouldn’t recommend me freezing my eggs, because I don’t produce enough eggs … so three I would probably have to have an egg donor. But, the egg wouldn’t have my DNA.”
“[Adoption] I would. I would never rule it out. And through this process, what’s been so amazing is there’s so much availability out there and people who can help you.
“I’ve always put my career first. I’ve never thought about my future, which is terrible really.”
“All of a sudden, at my age now at 36, all of my friends have got children and they are married and every weekend I am on my own.”
Gemma has revealed she is bombarded by people wanting to sleep with her to help her on her journey to become a mother, as she has had random requests from males offering their sperm, and her best friend has also told her she would be an egg donor.
Gemma explained: “I’m in my shop on a Saturday and men are popping their heads through the door saying ‘Gem, do you want a baby?’ and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, what are they thinking? Are we going to go in the changing room?’
“When I broke down to my best friend, she said ‘Do you know what Gemma? I’d give you one of my eggs.’ And that made me feel a little bit more settled.”

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