Gemma Arterton wants to start a family

ICONINSIDER — Gemma Arterton is desperate to have children.
The 31-year-old actress has admitted she “absolutely” wants to have a family of her own but, after recently splitting up with her previous boyfriend French assistant director Franklin Ohanessian, she believes the “only way” she will be able to settle down is if she finds a “really brilliant partner”.
Speaking about her plans for motherhood in the future, the brunette beauty said: “I absolutely want to have children. But how do you do it all? I think the only way you can is if you have a really brilliant partner.”
However, the ‘Quantum of Solace’ star has been told there are a lot of potential suitors out in the world who share the same kind-hearted qualities as ‘The BFG’ star Mark Rylance.
She said: “I see a therapist, who said: ‘You know, there are people out there that are like Mark Rylance.’
“Yes, if only everyone was like Mark Rylance.”
And the ‘Made In Dagenham’ star, who called time on her five-year marriage with her ex-husband Stefano Catelli in 2010, doesn’t know if she will re-marry because the marital ceremony didn’t feel “important” to her when she first tied the knot.
She said: “I don’t really know my feelings on marriage any more. It wasn’t even really important to me when I did it. I was young [24], and just thought ‘Yeah, let’s do it.'”
Meanwhile Gemma doesn’t believe men or women in a relationship should ever feel they have to “sacrifice” their career for a partner or for their children.
She told ES magazine: “I don’t think the word sacrifice should come into the equation. Men don’t feel like they are making sacrifices when they work hard and don’t see their kids enough.
“We have completely different standards for men and women.”

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