Diane Lane wants interest in female perspective

ICONINSIDER — Diane Lane believes there needs to be more stories focusing on women told in films which are directed by women.
The ‘Unfaithful’ actress is proud of the movies she has made which have focused on female characters but most of those projects have been directed by men and she insists it’s important that more ladies get behind the camera to offer their perspective on the world.
In an interview with Deadline, she said: “I’ve often thought about the films I’ve been in that were helmed by men, written by men, filtered through the editing process of the male eye and psyche and desire factor and marketability concerns … it’s so interesting.
“I’m left with the hope and wish that there will be enough to go around. Are we asking terribly much of people to be curious and interest in the female experience from the female perspective?”
Lane, 52, stars alongside Alec Baldwin, 59, in her latest movie ‘Paris Can Wait’, which is the first feature film by Francis Ford Coppola’s wife Eleanor Coppola, who is famed for her documentary work.
In ‘Paris Can Wait’, Lane portrays Anne, the wife of inattentive film producer Michael who abandons her in Cannes and his French associate Jacques then offers to drive her to Paris.
The journey, which turns into a two-and-a-half day road trip, includes wine drinking, overnight stays at hideaways and focuses on whether or not Anne will give in to Jacques’ flirtations.
Speaking about the story, Lane said: “Americans have an interesting conundrum, a black and white line: You’re on one side or the other of Puritanism or licentiousness. But that gray area where people abide between their ears or on the internet needs to be fleshed out more in terms of permission granted. I think a lot of women are contained within the parentheses of shoulds and role-play. It’s all about entitlement and history. It’s all about upper-body strength and exacting your will.”
Lane received the Sarasota Film Festival’s Award for Cinematic Excellence for her performance in the film.
‘Paris Can Wait’ was picked up last year by Sony Pictures Classics and will be released on May 12.

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