Clean Bandit want to release fitness DVD

ICONINSIDER — Clean Bandit want to release a fitness DVD.
The ‘Rockabye’ hitmakers – Grace Chatto, Jack Patterson and Luke Patterson – have been participating in Insanity workouts during their US tour, a fitness craze involving 10 extreme exercises using just your body weight for resistance and no gym equipment, and have enjoyed the gym sessions so much they would love to do their own version for a video.
Bassist James said: “I was thinking of making a new one, scrubbing the audio off it and doing our own version.
“The Christmas Clean Bandit workout video would do really well.
“We are starting to do the Insanity in the venues we play now, on the dancefloor.”
And the electronic music trio revealed they have also got their crew involved with the workout to make their tour extra fun.
James told the Daily Star newspaper: “We’ve all started, the crew too, doing the Insanity workout.
“Yesterday we cleared out all of Grace’s furniture from her hotel room and did it together in there.
“We bought an old TV from a junk shop in Seattle and then plugged my laptop in so we can play it nice and loud.”
Aside from their hopes of releasing a fitness DVD this Christmas, the pop group said they would love to get a number one with their new single ‘Symphony’, which features Zara Larsson, although they don’t mid Ed Sheeran being at the top of the charts.
Jack said: “Ed is doing so well it’s kind of amazing but as long as people are playing our music we don’t mind not being number one.”
The 31-year-old instrumentalist admitted that he didn’t expect such huge success from their chart-topping hits including ‘Rather Be’, a collaboration with Jess Glynne, and ‘Rockabye’ with Anne-Marie and Sean Paul, which saw them at the number one spot for nine weeks.
He added: “We never expected to have a bigger hit than Rather Be, we thought that was a major anomaly. So for Rockabye to surpass it we are so grateful.”

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