Chanelle Hayes worried weight will impact her pregnancy

ICONINSIDER — Chanelle Hayes is reportedly worried her weight may have a negative impact on her baby.
The 29-year-old television personality – who has six-year-old son Blakely with her former partner Matthew Bates – is expecting a baby with partner Ryan Oates, but is reportedly concerned she may have gestational diabetes, a condition which could lead to complications with her unborn baby including premature labour.
A source said: “Chanelle has been undergoing tests to see if she has gestational diabetes. Her weight means she’s still classed as obese and she’s in the highest risk bracket. Chanelle’s upset and is really concerned about it. She once saw a television programme about a woman with gestational diabetes who ended up being hospitalised for three months. It’s a huge worry for her.”
And Chanelle is now doing all she can to curb her eating habits and get into shape so she can lower the risk of complications.
The insider added to The Sun Online: “Chanelle’s started taking long walks every day and has cut out saturated fats and high calorie and high sugar foods.”
Meanwhile, the reality star – who has gained 7st in two years – recently revealed she has succeeded in losing weight through her pregnancy, but admits it’s because she suffers from a form of severe morning sickness known as hyperemesis gravidarum.
She said: “I struggle to keep anything down at the moment, even water. I was saying to Ryan, ‘Yay I’ve lost weight’ while being sick at the same time.
“I lost 8lbs in one week alone.
“But joking aside, I’ve already been getting really bad anxiety about the baby not getting the right nutrients with the sickness so I’m determined to have a really healthy pregnancy once I’m feeling better.
“I’ll eat in moderation and I plan to get back to the gym as soon as I feel up to it.
“When you’re big, you’re only meant to gain between five and 20lbs during pregnancy – you’re meant to be all bump.
“My midwife told me I was a high category BMI and I shouldn’t be indulging.”

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