Busy Philipps feared driver would kill her

ICONINSIDER — Busy Philipps feared her Uber driver was going to kill her.
The 37-year-old actress took to Instagram on Sunday (09.04.17) to detail her terrifying journey with her husband Marc Silverstein and claimed that her “weird” driver and a “crazy, scary” other passenger left her fearful for her life.
She explained: “I was almost murdered by a random dude in an Uber. The craziest thing just happened to me. I tried to call an Uber with my husband. We got into an Uber. The guy was really weird.
“I said to my husband, ‘Oh, that guy was weird. Are you sure he’s not going to kill us?’ And then from the f**k way back, a voice is like, ‘I promise that won’t happen’ and there was just like a crazy, scary dude in way back of this Uber, who didn’t make himself known.
“Basically I was like, ‘I will not be killed tonight!’ and I jumped out and started screaming at this freaking creepy Uber driver. I was like, ‘This is not happening. I will not be killed tonight.’
“I’m not trying to be alarmist or whatever, but I definitely feel like those guys were trying to murder me tonight. I legitimately feel that way and it was really scary. If you’re ever faced with this, your answer is no!”
Busy’s husband added: “It was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. You were like, ‘We’re going to die in this Uber.'”
The couple later got a Lyft instead and Busy revealed she didn’t report the incident to the police because she doesn’t believe they could have helped her.
She said: “I don’t feel like the police would have been helpful. It’s not illegal to be creepy.”
And Busy told her followers that the driver explained there was another passenger in the Uber, because he got two calls at once.
She said: “That’s why there was a weirdo in the back. I like my theory better that there were just guys trying to kill us.”
The actress also shared a picture of herself on Instagram with the caption: “Seconds before I was almost murdered by a random dude in an Uber… (You can watch my story for more info..) (sic).”

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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