Bradley Walsh to undergo operation for blepharitis

ICONINSIDER — Bradley Walsh is to undergo an operation to help with his chronic blepharitis.
The 56-year-old game show host suffers from the incurable chronic illness, which has symptoms ranging from inflammation of the eyelids, crusty eyelashes sticking together and a burning, gritty sensation in eye.
Bradley, who also suffers from hay fever, appeared on ITV’s ‘Loose Women’ on Tuesday (11.04.17), where he explained:”I have to take one 10ml tablet of loratadine a day, otherwise I really struggle.”
The ‘Chase’ host says his blepharitis is so serious that he has resulted to finding a more permanent solution.
He added: “I get bad blepharitis as well, I’ve got to have my eyes operated on to sort that out.”
Hay fever is a condition that affects an estimated 10 million people in England, and although it can affect people at any age, it’s more common in teenagers, something Bradley can identify with as he has suffered with the condition since he was a teen.
When asked about what kick-starts his hay fever, he said: “Cats, horses, dogs, dust. It really affects it however, if I take 10 ml of loratadine a day I’m fine.”
His health problems resulted in him sporting glasses on the show, a look not many fans will be used to and that when he is on ‘The Chase’ people ask him about his eye condition.
He added: “People don’t realise I’ve got seriously bad blepharitis.”

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