Amy Schumer loves being recognised by her idols

ICONINSIDER — Amy Schumer thinks it’s “cool” her idols know who she is and is probably the best thing about her job.
The ‘Snatched’ actress isn’t comfortable with being famous, but admits it “feels good” to be able to hang out and have the possibility of working with people she’s admired for a long time.
Asked if there’s anything she likes about fame, she said: “The things about it that are cool are the people that I respect and am a fan of some of them will know who I am.
“And that feels really good, it’s cool that I get to hang out with these people or work with them.”
The 35-year-old comic admits she would rather stay at home than go out to glamorous Hollywood events and won’t attend awards ceremonies if she doesn’t have a good reason to be there.
She told Glamour magazine: “I’ve been asked to host a bunch of awards shows, but I will only go to events that I have to.
“I would always rather not go, because I like to feel physically comfortable and be with people that I feel comfortable with.
“It’s not my element. I don’t think it’s anyone’s element. I would almost rather just watch them at home.
“But at the same time, it’s really nice to be acknowledged. When I do get included in awards things, I feel proud and good about that.
“But I don’t want to go if I’m not. You’ll never see me on a red carpet unless I’m very involved.”
And although Amy – who is dating furniture designer Ben Hanisch – is feeling “good” about her life, she thinks everyone pretends to be happier than they really are.
She said: “I do feel like everyone is an imposter, we’re all hanging on by a thread.
“We all put videos and pictures up like, ‘Look, I’m OK’, and really we’re not all OK.
“I feel good right now and I feel happy in my life but, you know, that’s not constant, it’s p and down.”

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