Amy Schumer jokes her parents made her think she was a supermodel

ICONINSIDER — Amy Schumer’s parents raised her to believe she was a “genius supermodel”.
The ‘Trainwreck’ star has never suffered with a lack of self-confidence and she is not bothered that she doesn’t look like a model as it won’t affect her career as an actress and comedienne.
The 35-year-old beauty told the latest issue of InStyle magazine: “My parents made me think I was a genius supermodel … it was kind of too late when I found out that they had been lying.”
Amy is happy with her figure and says she gets ample attention from the opposite sex and she still thinks she looks young for her age.
On why it’s good not to be a model, she added: “What’s good about not being a model is that it’s not the thing I trade on.
“Once I start looking older, that won’t affect me. I have never gotten anything done because I’m, like, so gorgeous. I’m good-looking enough that I can work in the business. I get enough attention from men that I feel good. I see pictures of myself now, and I look younger than I think of myself. It hasn’t scared me yet.”
And even when she does get older, Amy – who is dating furniture designer Ben Hanisch – would never get cosmetic surgery to make herself look youthful and joked that she’d more than likely need “emptier” over fillers.
She said: “I cannot imagine a moment when I will need filler for my face, as if it needs to be filled. Can we unfill this? Let’s get an emptier.”
The ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ star also admits she hasn’t got a clue when it comes to fashion.
She said of her relationship with fashion: “We’re friends who have an appreciation for each other but don’t ever hang out – and we don’t even pretend to make plans anymore.”

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