Alec Baldwin slams publisher for 'typos' in his memoir

ICONINSIDER — Alec Baldwin has slammed his memoir’s publisher Harper Collins for including “several typos and errors” in the published version of the book.
The 59-year-old actor’s memoir ‘Nevertheless’ was released on Tuesday (04.04.17), but the actor isn’t as happy with it as he expected, as he took to Facebook to express his “surprise” at finding a number of misspellings throughout the text.
Taking to a page on the website set up specifically for his book, the ‘Saturday Night Live’ actor wrote: “Welcome to the NEVERTHELESS Facebook page. This site presents me, and the reader as well, the opportunity to read supplemental material that did not make it to the original edition of my memoir, either due to the publisher’s deadline, the perceived flow of the book or the author’s poor memory.
“Also, the published edition contains SEVERAL typos and errors which I was more than a little surprised to see. The editors at Harper Collins were, I imagine, too busy to do a proper forensic edit of the material. Therefore, the first posting here, in the coming weeks, will be an index of corrections and amendments to the text in order to bring it more in line with my original intent. (sic)”
And the ’30 Rock’ star also admits his memoir is lacking in exclusive photographs and “entire chapters” worth of essays which didn’t make the cut, and said he would post those on the Facebook page in due time.
He added: “After I post these corrections, I will offer essays on film, politics, actors/actresses and anything else that I did not address in the original book. Maybe even entire chapters that did not reveal themselves earlier on.
“Also, I will post several more photographs from my collection. The book does appear to be a bit lean in that department! (sic)”
‘Nevertheless’ is out now.

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