Aidan Turner broke hand

ICONINSIDER — Aidan Turner broke his hand filming ‘Poldark’.
The 33-year-old actor likes to do his own stunts when shooting his role as Ross Poldark in the hit BBC1 drama series but came a cropper while tackling a daring fear for the upcoming third season.
He said: “I think I do all of it; I broke my hand!”
Aidan particularly enjoyed an upcoming storyline when Ross sets out to rescue his captured friend Dwight Enys (Luke Norris) because he likes getting out of the studio.
Speaking at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival, he said: “Dwight’s ship goes missing off the coast of France, so Ross rallies the troops together to try to find out where he is and it turns out he’s in prison. So he has to go and bust him out: it’s the boys with the guns, it’s very exciting. There’s a little war movie in the middle of it.
“It was a lot of fun running around in the woods with guns. It’s fun to break from the studio stuff. That’s why I do it.”
One of the only things Aidan doesn’t like about working on the show is the fact he doesn’t have as close a bond with Garrick, Delemza (Eleanor Tomlinson)’s dog, who lives with her and Ross, as he would like.
He said: “I love dogs, I’m a dog person. He’s a working dog and when he’s on set he’s working but he’s not terribly affectionate and it kind of annoys me that he’s not.
“He doesn’t want to know you unless you have a treat in your hand and I have no time for that!”

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