Victoria Beckham dances for Carpool Karaoke

ICONINSIDER — Victoria Beckham showed off her Spice Girls dance moves in a hilarious new take on ‘Carpool Karaoke’.
The 41-year-old fashion designer had teased her appearance in James Corden’s popular ‘Late, Late Show’ segment earlier this week, but all wasn’t as it seemed when the slot aired on Thursday (30.03.17).
Instead, James announced: “Victoria and I have the oddest thing in common. We are both huge fans of the ’80s movie Mannequin.”
The host then claimed he and Victoria were to star in a remake of the 1987 movie, which starred Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall, and offered to premiere the new “trailer” for his audience.
While the outside world could only see James dancing with mannequin, Victoria portrayed the version which came to life but could only be seen by the 38-year-old comic.
As the pair danced, a voiceover said: “The world couldn’t understand their love.
“Like, really couldn’t understand their love… No seriously, they didn’t get it.
“But their love wasn’t meant for this world.”
After Victoria told James she was “so lonely” and wanted to “be with others like me”, her pal vowed to sacrifice his love and “get her home”.
He then rushed out to his car, clutching the mannequin under his arm, before the pair were seen singing and dancing along to ‘Spice Up Your Life’.
But when a passing motorist looked into the vehicle, they could only see James dancing alone while his passenger rested motionless.
The short clip ended with the presenter placing Victoria alongside other mannequins in the window of Target – where she is launching an affordable fashion line – before the group all danced together.
Earlier this week, Victoria gave fans a behind-the-scenes look into her appearance on the show via an Instagram video clip of herself inside James’ car.

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