Prince Philip visits Grenadier Guards

ICONINSIDER — Prince Philip has paid a visit to the Grenadier Guards.
The 95-year-old royal was spotted at Lille Barracks in Aldershot on Thursday (30.03.17) as he met with the soldiers who make up the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, who are the the most senior regiment of infantry in the British Army.
According to a source, Philip – who is both the Colonel of the regiment and the Ceremonial Chief – took a particular interest in the variety of tattoos displayed on the soldiers.
The insider told the Daily Express newspaper: “He was asking them where they had got them done and what the story was behind them. A corporal was telling him that his was in tribute to a family member who had passed away.”
During his visit, Prince Philip – who is the husband of Queen Elizabeth – received a briefing on the battalion’s role as the Spearhead Battle Group of NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, which are able to deal with potential threats in less than 48 hours.
He also witnessed the final of an inter-company football tournament, named the Manchester Cup, which saw the battalion’s Support company come out victorious against Nijmegan Company with a score of 4-2.
Prince Philip has been the Colonel of the regiment since 1975, and has visited the battalion on a number of occasions, including one trip in 2014 which saw one soldier accidentally swear at the royal.
During a football match, the soldier was seen doubled up in pain and listed off a number of swear words to describe his agony, unaware that the royal was stood within ear shot.
Prince Philip asked the soldier: “Are you all right?”
To which the soldier replied: “No, I’m f****d.”
Able to see the funny side, Prince Philip was highly amused by the soldier’s outburst and reportedly laughed about the encounter for some time afterwards.

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