Ella Eyre worries she set of speed camera on way to speed awareness course

ICONINSIDER — Ella Eyre feared she set off a speed camera as she was driving to a National Speed Awareness course.
The ‘Waiting All Night’ hitmaker, who turns 23 on Saturday (01.04.17), is gearing up to release her second album this year and she will perform a sold-out gig at KOKO in London on Tuesday (04.04.17).
But whilst the pop star is racing ahead in the music business Ella needs to learn to put the brakes on when she’s in her car as she had to go on an enforced course on Thursday (30.03.17) to control her speeds when’s she driving around the UK.
Ella uploaded a photo of the booklet she was handed by the official in charge of the course and posted it on her Instagram stories and captioned it: “Sorry Mum” followed by a sad face emoji.
And things almost went from bad to worse for Ella when she revealed on Twitter earlier that day that she thought she had got caught speeding whilst travelling to the course.
She took to Twitter to tell her 401,000 followers: “Be s**t if you got flashed on your way to a speed awareness course wouldn’t it … yes ella it would” (sic).
National Speed Awareness courses are optional to drivers who have been caught speeding within certain limits. They are an alternative to getting points on a driving licence but can only be done once in three year period of the most recent speeding offence.
And it looks like reading speed signs isn’t the only thing Ella struggles with as she flouted the sign laid on the table which prohibited the use of mobile phones as she used her mobile to take the snap to upload to her Instagram story.
And despite celebrating her 23rd birthday this weekend (01.04.17) Ella revealed she isn’t looking forward to being another year older.
She tweeted: “Never been less excited for my birthday the frugal grandma in me dies a little every year i get closer to losing my 16-25 persons railcard (sic)”
Last year, Ella split from Rixton’s Lewi Morgan after two years of dating. The pair made an amicable decision to call time on their relationship because they couldn’t make it work with their “touring and writing” commitments.

Source: Ohmygossip.com
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